Classic Sneakers Are Back in Style

Before the show’s production, Pro Keds were no longer in the market. As the foundation of the era’s style, these sneakers were essential to the show. By sheer coincidence, PRO-Keds miraculously re-launched the brand and went back into production to re-debut their sneakers. They manufactured 10,000 pairs of period-correct sneakers, reproducing styles from 1977 and 1978. The line has been rereleased onto the general market this year.

Characters of The Get Down sport the now-uncommon shoe—freshly made and 100 percent authentic—while roaming the Bronx. In the late 1970s, PRO-Keds was synonymous to the biggest names in basketball—Nate Archibald, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Pete Maravich. The shoes achieved cult status in the early hip-hop community in New York, but in time, the shoe began to fade away.

With the shoe’s recent relaunch, its timeless style is bound to gain traction in today’s modern world. Its canvas features a red and blue “powerstripe” adjacent to the toe, including proper support and cushioning. With its long history, PRO-Keds is dedicated to staying true to its heritage as “a product born for sport, but shaped by the street.”

Shaolin’s sneakers and the man himself are the epitome of the term “fresh.” His immaculately red Pumas match his jumpsuit down to his underwear. The white lining of his clothing accentuates the bright red, which quickly catches our eyes. Shaolin brings to mind Bruce Lee as he jumps through the trash and puddles of the Bronx, his kicks staying clean. In 1970s Bronx, Puma was top of the top. If you strutted the streets in Pumas, you were untouchable.

Pumas are arguably the rarest shoe in The Get Down. So rare that only one pair of Pumas appear in the show. This was actually an issue for the costume designers, because Puma sent just one pair of the original 1977 sneaker and in Moore’s size only. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice the gold “Clyde” on its side, quintessential to the era’s style. Adidas and Nike have been the people’s most common choice as of late. Perhaps it’s time to retrace the roots of sneakers and emulate Shao’s pristine Pumas?

Converse is the classical American shoe. Since the 1970s, the sneakers have barely faltered in popularity. The shoe has been worn by children, teenagers and adults alike. Practically everyone has a pair of the trusty sneakers in their closet.


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