The Perfect Rainy Season Jacket

Love it or hate it, there’s one thing all of us can certainly agree on: how challenging it is to dress during the rainy season. The humidity limits our textile options and the puddles have us second-guessing our shoe choices. Thankfully, all you really need for a stylish, functional outfit is a good foundation to build on. Your best bet? A trusty rain jacket.

We aim to make your pursuit a little simpler. Ahead, we fill you in on the three questions all of us should ask to assess if a piece of outerwear is ready to withstand the demands of both the weather and your personal style.

Few things are worse than shivering in your seat in class or the office after sprinting from the bus stop mid-storm. Save yourself the trouble of wiping down your outfit by going for a jacket made out of lightweight, water-resistant materials like nylon and polyester pieces. Balance out your look by pairing a boxy parka with your favorite heavy-duty jeans.

Jackets that are comfortable and ready for anything don’t always have to equate to unflattering fits and tons of excess fabric. Keep the points that would best complement your frame in mind: the smallest part of the waist, the largest point of the hip, or mid-thigh. If you’re shopping online and can’t quite get the hang of the handy size guides provided, go for a piece with a waist-cinching element like a drawstring or a belt. Top off the look with a tapered pair of pants or a skirt that peeks just below the jacket hem.

Invest in your failsafes. Opt for pieces that you can mix and match with absolutely everything without having to stress over how well colors match or how nicely silhouettes work. Boxy denim jackets are an easy choice when it comes to dressing up or down: layer it over a sophisticated dress for some easy edge or layer it over a basic outfit to elevate the look. Meanwhile, while utility jackets have the ability to lend grit to any outfit. If you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, these are the pieces you should gravitate towards. They’re seasonless and can be worn the whole year ‘round!


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